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BUG’S LIFE THE MOVIE In the Disney movie, A Bugs Life, there are many sociological factors that are present. First there is the difference between the leadership styles of the Queen ant, Princess Atta, and even Hopper the grasshopper. Also, the ant colony it self portrays the differences in social groups and who is looked at as a norm based on the ants perception and those who are deviant from the colony. And lastly, another sociological perspective that can be seen is the symbolic interationist perspective and the way one acts of deviance or norm and if that is based and if that behavior is biological or learned. In what follows the colony of ants will be descried and analyzed through the sociological aspects of, leadership…show more content…
Since she is a queen in training she is not completely confident in her own decisions so she uses the royal council to help her in her decisions. This is portrayed in the scene in which they deliberate about Flik and whether to punish him for his actions of dumping all the harvest food, or if they should grant his wish to go find bigger bugs to help. She seeks the advice of the council and they all give her the idea of, well if Flik goes to look he may never come back. After hearing them all she decides that yes, Flik can go out and seek help of bigger bugs to get rid of the grasshopper, which in reality it is to get rid of him. Princess Atta highly relies on her subordinates in the royal council when demonstrating her leadership abilities. Within the ant colony different sociological concepts of groups are present. The groups that can be discussed are the primary group, the in- group, and the reference group within the ant colony. The grasshoppers represent the out-group within the ant colony’s realm of socialization. Primary groups are small social group whose members share close, personal, enduring primary relationships. time spent These groups are marked by members' concern for one another, shared activities and culture, and long periods of together. The ant colony shows this in the bond they share together. They all work as a team to gather food and leave an offering for the
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