Antenna Is The Main Component Of Every Communication System

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Antenna is the main component of every communication system. The design of UWB antennas is one of the major factors affecting the progress of UWB technology. As a result, UWB antenna design has been studied much in recent years. UWB antennas must be electrically small and inexpensive without compromising on performance. Omni directional radiation pattern is desired in order to be well suited for ad hoc networks with arbitrary azimuthally orientations. Gain flaterns and phase linearity, i.e., constant group delay, are also required for an UWB antenna in order to not distort the waveform of an ultra narrow-on the order of nanoseconds-electromagnetic energy pulse. In addition, the time domain impulse response is another important criterion of UWB antenna performance. The antenna must transmit UWB signal with minimal dispersion effect. In this thesis all the antennas have been simulated in ANSOFT HFSS-13. This chapter contains the final design of antennas, the parasitic study of antenna in term of impedance band width. The peak gain, radiation efficiency, peak directivity has been calculated in whole operating band and radiation pattern at some frequencies has been studied. The time domain analysis also has been done in this chapter. The total design of antenna include the two parts- first is the designing on the software and second one is hardware part where the testing of the antenna is done on the Vector Network Analyzer (VNA).

5.1 About HFSS The simulation technique used to
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