Anterior Cruciate Trauma Case Study

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1. Introduction
When it comes to sports injuries, one of the most devastating and potentially career ending injuries is damage to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). It is one of the most common injuries taking victim to over 80,000 people every year in the United State alone and costing them around one to two billion dollars to repair and rehab it. ACL injuries can happen in many ways, but is usually a non-contact injury while executing a movement or skill often used. Both men and women are vulnerable of injuring their ACL, however, women are more likely to suffer an injury to their ACL because of many reasons. First, women are at higher risk of ACL injuries due to differentials in body characteristics such as a decreased femoral notch width and an increased in Q-angle in their leg. Secondly, hormonal characteristics such as a higher blood estrogen concentration can also be a factor in their higher risk of ACL injuries. Unfortunately, humans cannot control these characteristics, but there are other factors that can be
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This leads to the reason why the researchers, Casey A. Myers and David Hawkins, conducted this study to find out if an athlete can reduce ACL loading (Peak Tibial Shear Force) by altering their knee flexion angle, shank angle, and the part of the foot contacting the ground during landing without hurting their performance while performing a jump
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