Anthem Analysis

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Kandukuri 1
Nihal Kandukuri
Mr. W.Andrew Corbin,M.ed.
3rd Block English I
9 0ct. 2017
Lack Of Individuality = Collectivism A society where a man’s precedence is to serve only for his brothers. Laws and rules are crafted to prevent promotion of individualism and preserve cruel uniformity under the form of moral virtue. Anthem is a clear depiction of a repressive society in which the word “I” is unheard of, and men belong to the collective word “We”. The norms in the society force agreement and sacrifice among all the people in the society. The idea that,“If you are not needed by your brother men, there is no reason for you to burden the earth with your bodies”(Rand 8), has been pushed into the average mindset of the society. The people’s lives are fully controlled by a group that maintains a powerful dictatorship by conquering the public from the beginning of their lives called the “Council of Vocations”. This explicates the objectionable consequences of collectivism that the society has suffered. One of the most obvious features of Anthem is it’s use of language, especially the nonexistence of the word "I”. The use of the language is confusing, but it must be understood if the book's meaning is to be clear. Characters refer to themselves using the first person plural "we" and not the first person singular "I". The use of the plural rather than the singular self-reference, goes to the core of Anthem’s meaning. It is found that Equality 7-2521 is on the path to

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