Anthem Chart

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Term and Definition | Examples from Anthem | 1. Why is the character or act condemned in Anthem? 2. Should it be condemned? Explain why/why not. | 1. Transgression: the breaking of law or oath | * Transgression of Preference: Equality chooses International 4-8818 as his friend * “The laws say that none among men may be alone, ever and at any time for this is the great transgression.” * Transgression of communication: Equality speaks to Liberty even though Liberty is from different trades. * Transgression of Preference: Equality prefers to be placed into the House of Scholars | 1. They are taught that the individual is nothing, mankind is everything, and that everyone must be treated with absolute equality. To…show more content…
* Desire to be alone is part of his curse | 1. Equality is condemned because he is 6 feet tall and his brothers are shorter than him. His teacher concludes that he has curse in his bones because he is taller. 2. To be condemned for being taller than the rest should never be condemned. Equality did not choice to be taller. He was born that way and he cannot do anything about it. Discrimination should be condemned. 1. The act of curiosity beyond his brother and the World Council is not accepted. No one should be able to think with such curiosity. Question anything other than what you’ve learned in condemned. 2. Intellectual curiosity and the desire to learn more should not be condemned. A curious mind about the world should be accepted into their run-down society. People like Equality are needed in this world. 1. His teacher believes Equality is cursed just he is unlike the others. He’s smart and a faster learner that his peers. 2. Being others should not be condemned because it is something that cannot be helped. The human mind is completely unpredictable. 1. Equality wishes not to be with his other brothers because they are not like him and they do not think like him. He doesn’t want to in the presence the brainwashed crowd. 2. To be alone away from the people you do not want to be with should not be condemned because it is a choice of an individual. If you don’t want to be influence by the others, don’t
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