Anthem 's Previous Strategy Analysis

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Anthem’s previous strategy, which focused on cost leadership, was supported by numerous factors including their high brand recognition through the Blue Cross Blue Shield network. However, because of the post ACA environment and novel payment models, the company is shifting towards a differentiation strategy. Their new strategy focuses on the following objectives: (Anthem website)
● Create the best health care value in the industry
● Excel at day-to-day execution
● Capitalize on new opportunities to drive growth

The current health care sector is too costly and too fragmented with a lot of variation in care even with established evidence based guidelines. Providers lack the tools, support and information they need to offer the coordinated health management that can reduce cost and improve outcomes. Primary Care Physicians are constrained in their abilities to perform any proactive care that involves avoiding Hospital or ER visits, and influencing healthy lifestyles.
By partnering with Providers and implementing Payment Innovation Models, Anthem as part of its Enhance Personal Health Care Program is empowering them with tools, information, resources and choices. This allows the providers to focus on the most important aspect– “overall health of the patients”.
Anthem with its state of the art Health Care Analytics engine and access to wide range of comprehensive information including complete claims history is able to provide doctors meaningful actionable information like high
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