Anthidium Bees Research Paper

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The bee is an amazing bug that can do things ather animes can’t do.
The bee can be many colors like, yellow,black,red,and white due the hair.There eyes can be a different color than just black.Not all bees collect pollen and nectar some may collect plant oils instead.The bee can bee very strong,mean, and very territorial by hovering there territorial.
Bees are very interesting just you whate.
The Anthidium bee is very cool,strong,pretty, and fearless.The Anthidium has black and brown abdomen with yellow stripes as well.THe Anthidium lives in the U.S.A. and Europe as well, they may build there nest in soiled materials such as wood and metal.The Anthidium bee is very territorial by the mail hovering over his territory if a bug lands in his territory
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