Anthocyanin Research Paper

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Synthetic food colorants which were being used in beverages, desserts, jams, jellies, sauces, sweets, bakery items, cosmetics, toothpaste, syrup, capsule, tablets are toxic for human’s health. Anthocyanin is good natural food colorant which has so many health benefits such as Anti-inflammatory, Inhibitor of tumor cell proliferation and lipid peroxidation, Inducer of cancer cells for apoptosis, Anti-neoplastic, cardiovascular diseases, Vaso-protective, Neuro-protective, Antiulcer, Antioxidant and drug detoxification, Anti-diabetes and Vision improvement. Cost of the anthocyanin is very high because the methods using for purification is expensive like chromatography, and the quantity purified after the final step was very low. Alcohol based ATPS
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