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Nickishia Menardy Spire ID: 29301867 PSYCH 360 TED Paper #1 Person perception is influenced by many social and cognitive biases that shape our impression of others. Social cognition is how people gather information, process it, and apply it in their social situations.The cognitive process plays a significant role in shaping many of our social interactions. This is evident when we hear the case of Tony. Tony was able to convince people he was insane much easier than he could convince them he was not. The representative heuristic influences the assessments we make about others. This concept is similar to the act of stereotyping.The representative heuristic approach assumes that someone is a part of a group based on the fact that they align will…show more content…
Anchoring and adjusting is when people begin making estimations and predictions about something that doesn’t shy away from the original point of view. When Tony first got to the insane asylum he was playing the role of someone who was mentally insane. Tony tried hard to align with the stereotypes of that group. As Tony faked madness the psychiatrist can not help but keep that first impression in mind. He told his psychiatrist that he liked seeing women die as a way of proving his madness. No matter what they can not distance Tony from his original story. They are anchored to the original ideas that Tony is a mad man. Unconsciously, they are somewhat sticking to the original perception of Tony and just making adjustments to their impression. Now, they conclude that Tony may not necessarily be a mad man but he is a psychopath. So they still have Tony categorized as being some sort of mentally unstable, due to his original behavior and justify their subidea through their own cognitive process. They believe all his actions are a result of his mental illness because they can not distances themselves from how they view him originally, and how he portrayed himself, as a mad man. Now, through the psychiatrist own reasoning, Tony is still seen as someone associated with his original character. Ultimately, Tony is still tied to the role he originally took and the psychiatrist cannot help but only see him that way a looks for justification in this by concluding all of Tony’s actions are behaviors of psychopaths, which is vaguely
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