Anthony Attack Case Study

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ACT FOUR FADE IN: INT. ABANDONED MILITARY COMPLEX - DAY There are two desk in two rows. The team is taking a critical multiple choice exam. Anthony struggles to cheat off of Jorge’s paper. Beverly is focused on her paper. Brandon, sits, holding his head up with one hand. KEEGAN ALEXANDER 60s, works for the Defensive Intelligence Agency. He is sitting at a desk watching everyone. Anthony raises his hand. ANTHONY Sir, request permission to use the bathroom. KEEGAN You have five minutes. Anthony rushes out the door. BRANDON I am finished sir. KEEGAN Leave it on your desk. Anthony enters the room. Beverly snarls at Anthony. KEEGAN (CONT’D) Alright people, we’re going to learn about Counterintelligence. ANTHONY That’s a big word. Every one laughs.…show more content…
BRANDON Sir, you lost me. What does that mean? KEEGAN In 1940, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order (EO) 8381. This was the first Presidential Order designed to protect sensitive information in the name of “national defense.” Anthony raises his hand. KEEGAN (CONT’D) You have a question? ANTHONY Is this Counterintelligence? KEEGAN Counterintelligence (CI) is intertwined with our history, laws and ethics, and major espionage cases have affected American society and politics from German saboteurs and communist movements to terrorist cells today. JORGE Excuse me. I thought we were going after drug dealers. KEEGAN Drug profits are used to fund terrorist. The first clue to understanding counterintelligence is in the word itself. What is it that counterintelligence is “counter” to or against? If you answered, “foreign intelligence threats” you are correct. Beverly raises her hand. KEEGAN (CONT’D) Yes. BEVERLY Counterintelligence encompasses both “information” and “activities.” When we collect intelligence on what foreign intelligence services are doing that intelligence is called “counterintelligence information.” KEEGAN You are…show more content…
I hate guns. WARREN When I am handing over ten million dollars of my hard earned money, you can never be to cautious. MALINKA How long do you know my brother? WARREN I know Ivan a long time. MALINKA Ivan and I are one. WARREN No offense, but I like dealing with Ivan. MALINKA Ivan has one more year to go in that fifthly prison. So you are stuck with me. WARREN When do I get my washed money? MALINKA I will need a few days. And my fee is twenty percent. WARREN I will need five separate checks. MALINKA I know darling. I know... She walks closer to Warren and leans into his ear. MALINKA (CONT’D) I need a favor. WARREN A favor? MALINKA I need someone to disappear. WARREN I’m not in the disposal business. MALINKA If you do this favor for me, I will arrange to get you 50 kilos of Heroin. Warren thinks for a moment. WARREN OK. MALINKA Come visit me at the club and I will give you the details. She kisses him on the cheek. She motions to the bodyguards to get the suitcase. The Mercedes, casually pulls away. DEREK You trust that bitch? WARREN No! But what choice do I have? DEREK We need some new
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