Anthony Kiedis

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Throughout the years celebrities have been accused of drug abuse. Many will deny it and blame it on the media, but for one rocker this was not so. Anthony Kiedis, lead singer of the American band Red Hot Chili Peppers, was blatant about his drug addiction. He even wrote a book about his life called Scar Tissue. Throughout his life there were ups and downs that shaped him to be who he is today. It is not the drug abuse that fascinates me about Kiedis but it is how he overcame who he was back then to whom he is today. When analyzing Anthony Kiedis’ life, his childhood, early band years, the present day rocker, and whom he has influenced, including myself, must be broken down. Due to his struggle and high off of life, Anthony Kiedis is…show more content…
It is hard to comprehend why a father would put his son in an illegal position but we can only sit and wonder…what was he thinking? It was not long before Anthony Kiedis had found his love for marijuana nor was it long before he had his first sexual experience. However, even though Anthony was a young junkie, he also became a young actor. First movie he auditioned and got the part for was the movie F.I.S.T. Within the movie Anthony starred as Sylvester Stallone’s son. Thinking that Anthony was going to make it big only turned into a fluke at the time, but there was something else big that Anthony had to face and that was high school. Throughout Anthony’s education he used a false address in order to go to one of the best schools in his area but after the school found out, it was time for Anthony to go to the school where was meant to be at. While at the more prestigious school Anthony went under the shorted name of Tony but now in a new atmosphere he instinctively started to go under his full name Anthony. Now that he was out of one school and into another there was the sense of loneliness for Kiedis. He felt completely alienated considering that he never grew up with these new classmates. It was not until Anthony met Michael Balzary also known as Flea that Kiedis soon found a liking for his new high school. These two boys soon became inseparable. Anthony realized that the adult life that he had been living before started to
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