Anthony Storr's A Very Short Introduction Essay

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Anthony Storrs' A Very Short Introduction is a book written about none other than Sigmund Freud. Born into the Jewish religion of which he had no interest in taking part of, Freud was an exceptional man who was very advanced, aware of his surroundings and stubborn.
This man was a psychologist, doctor of medical and the Albert Einstein of psychoanalysis if I should say. Freud had a lot of theory's which everyone along with myself didn't quite agree with them all.

Born on the 6th day of may in 1856, a man by the name of Sigmund Freud was not only smart; unique in his ways as a boy. He wouldn't even sit at the dinner table with his family for supper, that had to be done separately from them because during eating times, he
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During the years of 1885-1886 Freud's train of thought changed; he realized that in order for him to understand hysteria, he would have to study psychology and not neurology. He believed that the main characteristic of the neurotic person was a lack of normal sex, that's ironic for him to say because not one time threw out this book did I hear him speak on his own sex life, which would lead me to think he didn't have children if he hadn't spoken of them.

Freud beliefs of young men between the age of four-five in the phallic stage being sexually interested in their mother and aggression towards the father is by far bizarre and disturbing to me. It seems that everything that had to do with neurology in somewhat way lead back to some form of sex or sexuality. In 1892 Freud stopped doing hypnotist practices and changed to free association in order to increase his understanding of neurosis theory.

This man believed every symbol in ones dream had to do with something of sex, umbrellas were the symbols of the penis, purse's were the symbols of the vagina. Truly don't understand how he came to that consumption but never the less he was unique in his own way of thought. In one instance Freud became upset when he realized that his patents were emotionally attached to him during their sessions, his first though was that it was an erotic attachment. Even though Freud
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