Anthropological Analysis

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Religion not only serves as a form of cultural identity to one’s life, and a sense of comfort to many people, while others just do not have a need for religion. Cultural identity is very powerful and is considered very important to its people. Culture is ever changing and everyone is born into a specific culture that is considered very valuable to that individual (cultural identity). Culture tends to be pluralistic and defines the way its people live, die, and was born. A culture is also entitled to practice its beliefs, values, morals, and rituals because all cultures should be given equal opportunity and attention. By analyzing this from an anthropological approach, one aims to be culturally relative and not ethnocentric. Ethnocentrism is…show more content…
On the other hand, anthropologists’ advocates for cultural relativism which permits the principles regarding the beliefs, values, and practices of a culture from the viewpoint of that culture itself. Anthropologists are being forced to think critically regarding these two opposing positions and try to determine which one is more morally compelling or ethical. Although human rights are applied to everyone, regardless of their culture, beliefs, and religion, not every culture share the same beliefs or ideologies as Europeans (The UDHR was drafted by the European Council Post-World War 2) (Dembour, Wilson and Cowan 2001). Human rights are a local and global idea that has created heterogeneous…show more content…
That is, one has to be mindful on how to approach individuals with similar features and practices because those individuals might not share the same cultural identity. Forcing a group of individuals in a group is damaging to their identity and is the practice of essentialism. Cultural identity is very difficult to understand because of the difference between national/ethnic identity and identity based on cultural patterns (Golubović 2010). Cultural identity is socially constructed and is used personal. In the U.S, many people use skin tone to determine one’s cultural identity which is wrong. For that reason, The Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division states that no one should be judged or discriminated against because of one’s race, religion, nationality, disability, sex, familial status, ethnicity, gender, and culture (The United States: Department of Justice 2000). This law protects one’s civil rights and their identity - whether cultural or personal - who are institutionalized in certain state or local facilities, and prosecutes crimes (The United States: Department of Justice 2000). Hence, one’s cultural identity symbolizes a significant importance to one’s self. One’s identity should not be categorized or determined based on
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