Anthropological Challenges Raised by New Reproductive Technologies

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Discuss some of the anthropological challenges raised by the introduction of NRT’s (New Reproductive Technologies). In the world we live today, technology plays a very important role in the construction of our society. By the means of new technologies, new theories, ideologies and perspectives are being applied to understand social phenomena. Society has gone, and is still going through a new revolution, because technology has changed the way we look at different sectors in our lives, such as in the way we communicate, social institutions, different jobs and so on. In this assignment, I am going to write about new reproductive technologies and the impacts these leave regarding the family unit, as such technologies can change the…show more content…
In his argument he mentions the debate about artificial insemination, which raised social and legal problems. The sperm donor might be the husband or just an anonymous man, but whether the husband or not, the sperm donor was never approved to be the legal or proper father as the reproduction procedure was not taken place naturally. In fact, it was recommended to be made as a criminal offence in 1948, by a commission set up by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Therefore the child born from this procedure has an ambiguous status, or considered illegitimate. It is then made obvious that the husband of the woman, who raised the child, still has no rights or duties over him/her. These rights, in some way, belongs to the sperm donor, such that if the mother registers her husband to be the father of the child, even if he is not, she would be, of course, committing a crime as only if the husband is genetically the father, would he be considered legitimate. Some who are against this procedure is particularly against for the reason that the husband would have not played his role in the procreation of the child, therefore considered as a bad thing to do. Although such objections were raised, the committee of Warnock still remained in

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