Anthropology 101

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1. How do anthropologists define marriage? What types of marriage are also identified? Also, watch one of the films in the course playlist pertaining to polygamy. Remember to think like an anthropologist and provide advantages and disadvantages to each type of marriage. Marriage can be defined as a legal union of people coming together, combing their resources, and committing to their partner(s). It functions more than just a union of two people and may have a much broader significance than the relationship between husband and wife. Marriage brings families together and expands families by having children. It also provides information of the growth of families from one generation to the next (Dettwyler, 2011). There are two types of…show more content…
One learns through trial and error. One can also learn based on the group’s reaction whether the behavior is acceptable or not. In addition, Dettwyler (2011) states “you learn from watching others and imitating what they do” (p. 204). Eventually these beliefs are internalized and become behavior of one’s conscience. Enculturation internalizes beliefs and behavior that children are taught. The majority of enculturation of learned by living in society. External controls are imposed on a person from outside of their conscience. The sanctions are imposed by other members of society. Positive sanctions from others forms ones’ behavior. Such as receiving a reward to praising good behavior (Dettwyler, 2011). Negative sanctions from others also forms ones behavior; by reprimanding when one acts are unacceptable to the society. Both positive and negative sanctions can be verbal or physical; they may be primarily emotion based. Dettwyler (2011) states “they may be formalized into rules, regulations and laws (p. 207). Both internal and external controls are needed -in every society. If one is not taught the acceptable internal controls as a child, once grown up the external controls will hopefully guide behavior and vise versa. If one has learned the internal controls as a child they will have a moral compass. They will be aware of external controls and abide them. Without these two controls society would be chaos. People would not know which behaviors are wrong or
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