Anthropology : A Holistic Study Of The Human Race, Past And Present

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1. Anthropology is a holistic study of the human race, past and present. In order to effectively achieve this, the field has to be sub-divided to achieve a deep reaching understanding of the human race. The sub-divisions in America are biological anthropology, linguistic anthropology, cultural anthropology, and archaeology. These divisions arose as early American Anthropologists studied the native people of North America. In order to study the customs, languages, social traits of Native Americans, early Anthropology scholars realized the 4 fields would be relevant. Cultural anthropologists studied how the people live in the present. Biological anthropologists studied the bones and other biological traits of the native North American people (past and present). Archaeological anthropologists excavated tools, pottery and building and linguistic anthropologists study the various languages that exist between them and how they exist. Through the conjunction of anthropologists from the various sub-divisions, a holistic picture of the native North Americans has emerged and they frequently share their findings in conferences and other meetings.

2. Anthropology is a humanistic science because it takes a holistic view in the study of the humankind. Everything that is associated with being human is carefully and thoughtfully studied and nothing human is excluded. It tries to propagate all that is known about who humans are, how we evolved to become this way and our future potentials
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