Anthropology : An Anthropological Perspective

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Anthropology is the study of humans throughout the world. It examines our ancestors, how we behave, adapt to different environments, communicate, socialize with one another, and more. The study of anthropology focuses on the features that make us human; our genetic makeup, the evolution of humans, and the physiology. It also focuses on language, religion, family, and more. The goal of anthropology is to be able to describe and analyze the different cultures. Anthropologist believes that the only way humans can be understood is by seeking information from various cultures and different societies. Anthropologist use multiple methods to collect data and to understand evolution of humans from millions of years ago. To take an anthropological approach anthropologist should not study participants using their values or a bias approach. The anthropological perspective includes cultural relativism, holism, and the etic and emic perspective which are all important when studying culture. When it comes to understanding diversity, the anthropological view can help understand the diversity amongst cultural groups. Anthropology incorporates the holistic approach to study all aspects of human behavior; examining human culture, behavior, and human culture. Cultural relativism is the idea that people’s values and customs must be understood in terms of culture of which they are a part of. Every culture is different, we are taught to act a certain, and we are all raised to believe in
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