Anthropology : Anthropology And Cultural Anthropology

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What is anthropology? This is a question that can be answered in numerous ways, but we are going to define it as simple as possible. If we break the word down into its two components it means the study of human beings. “Anthropo” means human beings or human kind and “logy” or “logia” is Greek for the study or knowledge of something. When we put it all together, it is the study of human beings which can be very broad. Anthropology can be broken down into four subfields: physical anthropology, archaeology, linguistic anthropology, and cultural anthropology.
Physical anthropology is all of the physical aspects of being human like human evolution and human variation. People come in different heights, weights, and etc. The next subfield is archaeology which is the human cultures in the past. Examples of these are artifacts and architecture like pyramids and buildings. The third subfield of anthropology is called linguistic anthropology is the study of language. The last subfield is called cultural anthropology and it is focused on the study of cultural variation throughout the world. Cultural anthropology can also be called ethnology. Two of the subfields that I thought were evident in most of the movies we watched were cultural anthropology and linguistic anthropology.
One of my favorite examples of cultural anthropology was from the beginning of the semester in the movie The Gods Must be Crazy. When Xi was venturing to the end of the earth to drop off the Evil Thing, he has…
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