Anthropology Application Essay

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My interest in anthropology comes from living in this complex world with hundreds of different cultures and languages that clash and conjoin. This interest only became amplified when I began Introduction to Anthropology at Virginia Commonwealth University. I grew up in a rural town with its own personal customs and way of life. Last year I moved to the city and it was alive and simmering with different cultures and traditions. There was the obvious one that I was sucked into, college life, where binge drinking happened every weekend and the library was a haze of stress. Even within this small segment of society, diversity thrives. There are students from all over the world with incredibly different life experiences. In this campus, there are…show more content…
The host culture, I assume, will be different. They will have different traditions, different languages, and different social rules but, yet the one thing every human has in common is our humanity. As humans, we are able to experience sympathy and empathy. My curiosity extends to every culture and lifestyle. Different cultural adaptations have shaped Homo sapiens in countless ways. These people will be different, but they will also be similar because every human retains humanity. As this is only my second semester at VCU I have yet to declare a minor, but I plan to study anthropology. This introduction course has served as a catalyst for my interest in anthropology. For my career I plan to go into epidemiology. These two different fields may not seem to intersect, but they do. Culturally specific diseases serve as an example of how cultural adaptation can construct disease. Also as a future epidemiologist I will need to be sensitive to different cultures and life experiences. Diseases will discriminate not only biologically, but also culturally. If I am in charge of tracking and containing a pathogen, culture should be considered as well as biology. All I want out of this is solely to expand my mind to new ideas and to new ways of thinking. If I could experience a different culture, a different environment, and a different lifestyle that would be all I want. To be able to immerse myself in another culture would be an experience I would
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