Anthropology Is The World Safe For Human Differences

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American anthropologist Ruth Benedict believed that “the purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences.” Each individual can experience the world in his or her own way, and learning about these experiences enables us humans to connect with each other and grow. Cultural anthropologists make it their duty to observe and take part in cultures that are different than their own, and to share their stories with others. Culture is a definitive part of the way we interact with our environment, and anthropologists work to uncover trends and similarities between different cultures. Not only does the exposure allow individuals to be more tolerant within society, but also more accepting. The world is filled with an abundance of information, and we can only become more powerful with it. By observing art, customs, behavior, and other definitive aspects of a particular group through a holistic approach, cultural anthropologists can gain a better perspective of a particular culture. Anthropologists are able to see how these definitive aspects interconnect, and what they say about society at large. Through a holistic perspective, an observer can understand the functions of a culture more thoroughly and accurately by looking at all aspects of what makes something whole. In the exhibit labeled “Of the Contested West”, researchers presented two sides to the same story. To Anglo-Americans, expanding towards the West was profitable, with chances for new opportunities and

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