Anthropology Essay

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Jonathan Turner Mr. Grosh Ant-160 5/27/2013 Exam 1.1 In many anthropological studies, the scientists attempt to define a culture that is unknown to society. They go in and find people that are considered “other.” They pick apart and analyze everything that they find. All of the articles we have read and discussed in class do this. In this paper, I will show you how the directors and anthropologists do this. In the movie, Summer Pasture, the director attempted to analyze the lives of Tibetan nomads and how they survived in their daily lives. He put major emphasis on their raising of livestock, the raising of their children, and their interactions with the Chinese people. One of the most prominent scenes in the film is when the…show more content…
Miner points out to us that they believe their bodies to be ugly (Miner 503). He talks about the shrines dedicated to rituals that make the people beautiful. Rituals these people don't believe that they can live without (Miner 503-504) He points to many different potions and magical materials that these people use many times. Telling us that they are believed to cure the body of its ailments (Miner504). He points out that this “other” does their rituals daily and they keep them a secret from everyone else. Miner tells us about a “mouth man” that these people visit once or twice a year. In this article, Miner also says that, “the Nacerima has certainly shown them to be a magic-ridden people.” Miner also describes a “listener” that is able to exorcise the “devils” that may reside in the body. This listener is able to do so just by talking to the people, sometimes by giving them yet more magic materials (Miner 506). Miner shows us that these people are very different from us. We think of them as magical and doing things we would never do, nor do we understand. But are they really that much different from us? Anthropologists from all over the world are interested in any and all “other” people. Many go out of their way to analyze
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