Anthropology : The Anthropology Of Sports

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Anthropology is a generic term which originates from the Greek word anthropo logos which means the “study of man.” Anthropology is the most comprehensive among the social sciences, covering every aspect of human behaviour, past, present and the future (Blanchard 1995:2). The anthropology of sports serves as a unique social scientific approach to understand and analyse sports alongside the practical application of results to real problems (Blanchard 1995:23) and like all other social sciences, operates within “paradigms, models, and theories” to provide a better understanding of the study of sports (Coakley and Dunning 2000:150). The anthropological approach to the ways research methods, can utilise the understanding that, sports constitutes human action which highlight social issues in ways no other discipline can (Besnier and Brownell 2012; Coakley and Dunning 2000:151; Blanchard 1995:2). For example, the anthropology of sports focuses on the distinctive framework within which one may address specialised problems like gender and sports, sports and ritual, and violence in human society among others (Blanchard 1995:23). The anthropology of sports is primarily a behavioral science thus closely related to cultural anthropology (Blanchard 1995:23) and tied to the knowledge that sports is an institution and a component of culture (Coakley and Dunning 2000:151). The anthropological study of sports can add to the existing sociological and historical knowledge in sports field and
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