Anthropology: The Characteristics And Aspects Of Cultural Anthropology

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Cultural Anthropology
2015-11-09 12:34 PM
• Anthropos = humanity • Archaeology, Biological/Physical, Linguistic (salvage ethnography)
• Ethnos = culture • Graphy = writing • Field work: ‘go native’ – live among, adapt and become the kind of people
CHAPTER 1 – What is Anthropology?
How is anthropology different from…
Sociology – both study social relations • Political Science – both interested in power relations • Economics – both study material conditions of peoples lives • History • Psychology – both study relationships between people and society

Key Distinguishing Features:
• A focus on the concept of culture • A comparative perspective • A holistic perspective – look at culture as an integrated whole
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Often occurs under pressure from the domination of a more powerful group over a subjugated one • Global Culture: a constellation of technologies, practices, attitudes, values, and symbols that spread internationally • Globalization: the process by which the exchange of products, investment, and people across national and regional boundaries increases • Liberalization policies: policies that attempt to eliminate national government controls on investment, imports, currency rates, and many other practices that ere considered to constrain
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