Anti-Access Legislation Has Swept Across The Country And

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Anti-access legislation has swept across the country and is not just confined to Texas or even that geographic region. States like Missouri, North Dakota, Tennessee, Arizona, Indiana, South Carolina, Utah, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and many others are present in one or both of these groups. The current battle is anti-access legislation as states seek to create an even thinner funnel in order to prohibit more and more abortions from taking place. While the history component is important in understanding the future of abortion in the United States, an examination of the varying ideological arguments is paramount as well. Into the Weeds: Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life There are two distinct camps which help to shape…show more content…
By grasping these, the differentiation between the two sides and specifically what they believe must be done moving forward will become very clear. Pro-Choice There are several sub-categories within the moral justification for women having the right to choose whether to have an abortion or not. These are: the feminist quality of life argument, the general quality of life argument, the not-a-person argument, and finally the no-duty-to-sustain argument. Each one of these examines something that makes those who support a woman’s right to choose tick. The feminist quality of life argument is rooted on the idea that oftentimes an abortion is the best course of action for a woman in terms of protecting and furthering her quality of life in all scenarios. The woman tends to be the best one to make the decision to abort considering she is the key player and knows all of the variables in her life and the potential life of the fetus. This is one way of examining this argument. Another way to look at it is the fact that pregnancy is no easy task and has a profound effect on a woman’s life. Perhaps a couple had an “accident” and now there is a child growing inside of the woman’s body that she did not intend to have. By choosing to have this child, the woman is taking a major risk and agreeing to give up a large chunk of her time to take care of it and nurture it, something many women would not care to do. The general quality of

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