Anti Americanism And The United States Of America

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Prejudice against America has been a very controversial, yet neglected topic. People seemingly on the outside looking in oppose our diverse culture and daily practices. This sentiment of hatred is known in today’s times as Anti-Americanism. Common stereotypes regarding Americans include: arrogant, aggressive, too materialistic and ignorant. The United States of America as a nation has went through a very corrupt and disastrous history. However, numerous foreign countries believe most of our turbulent times were consequences from our own actions. Mostly dealing with the inconsistent foreign policies set in place by America. What has led to this vague perception of Anti-Americanism? The United States of America proclaims itself to be a very giving and helpful nation. Many technological and medical advances in third world countries would not have prevailed without the help from this prosperous nation. However, the naïve population has failed to realize the hatred surrounding its policies and governmental attitude. There are many contributing factors tied into this perception of Anti-Americanism such as America’s support for Israel, the nation’s ways of life and morals, its strong economic and military power, freedom from unjust rulers, and the country’s impact on smaller countries. Why do countries hate America? The entire principle of an inconsistent ‘Foreign Policy’ as well as other policies have stimulated international hatred amongst most European countries towards the
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