Anti-Bullying Programs

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Anti-Bullying Programs Maryann Johnston DeVry University Anti-Bullying Programs “You may have noticed that this years’ trendy trauma is bullying, which replaces last years’ obesity.” (Nachman, 2011). In his article Gerald Nachman recounts how years ago it was a part of being a kid in school to be teased at some point and it made you a stronger person to come through school surviving the process. There has been an increase in the sensational media coverage of violence attributed to bullying. Almost weekly, there are headline news items concerning acts of violence committed on school grounds, which involve shootings of innocent students by disgruntled gunmen. The underlying cause is portrayed to be a result of some sort of bullying at…show more content…
The student had the incident recorded on his permanent record. It will follow him through his academic career and may even have an impact on his possible potential for scholarships. That is an extreme example but one which occurs since the implementation of strict guidelines. Figure 1Retrieved from Figure 1Retrieved from These federal regulations have put an undue strain on many small school districts. Districts that have experienced cuts in funding due to the economic recession are now obligated to institute anti- bullying programs which are sometimes costly. This results in cuts to other needed programs. Many programs provided by private companies come with a high price tag with unsubstantiated benefits. The programs include many methods of presentation. Videos, personal training sessions for employees as well as manuals to be used for future reference are just a few of the options. The success of these programs is inconclusive. Some of the video presentations are ineffective but come with high price tags. The better programs include methods which have farther reaching effects. Involving an entire community beyond students and staff members has more
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