Anti Chinese Movement Analysis

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The cause of anti-Chinese sentiment both in Nevada and nationally was largely due to labor-competition between Chinese and non-Chinese workers. When exploring the Anti-Chinese Movement during the late 19th century in Nevada it is important to understand various aspects of both the Chinese who immigrated to Nevada, and also the people who opposed their existence in the United States and were active in the Anti-Chinese movement. Why did the Chinese immigrate to Nevada? What type of work did they do? What brought on the Anti-Chinese movement against the Chinese? What was the movement like on local and national levels? How did the movement impact laws both nationally and locally? This website attempts to explore these various questions relating…show more content…
At one point it was estimated that 50 to 75 percent of the work force in Northern Nevada were Chinese. 1 The anti-Chinese movement and anti-Chinese sentiment were both burgeoning by 1859 in the Comstock area of Nevada. Fears of Chinese labor competition in Virginia City and Gold Hill Nevada eventually led to the Chinese being prohibited from mining, forcing them to find other jobs. 2 Prior to being barred from working in mines, the Chinese found themselves fearing for their safety. Chinese miners worked together in groups in order to protect one another from violence that resulted from anti-Chinese sentiment. 3 As the Chinese were forced into other means of employment beyond mining, they were seen as threatening an even greater variety of jobs held by others who sought to profit from the mining…show more content…
In Reno, Chinatown sat on property that was deemed valuable for it’s location, supporters of the Anti-Chinese movement attempted to take over the land. In 1908, Reno’s Chinatown was burnt to the ground after being declared a health hazard. Over 160 Chinese were left homeless as a result of the destruction of their homes.3 Also there was an uprising in Tonopah on September 2, 1903, out of fears that a railroad would connect Tonopah to other cities, potentially causing in influx of Chinese to the town. The Chinese already settled in the local Chinatown were chased out by Union officers.
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