Anti Colonial Discursive Framework Essay

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Although the level of health inequality within Indigenous children and youth are high, the level of access to health services is unpleasantly low. Thus, it reflects that although health is related with every aspect of their lives, many Indigenous fail to engage in services and therefore social workers are essential in the process of helping them address the inequalities, whether through direct practice or on a systematic level. As discussed, the problem relating to current health issues are all tied to colonisation, and extensively racism; many find using anti-colonial discursive framework as an effective Anti-oppressive strategy. Taiaiake Alfred (2004, p. 89) states “the true meaning of colonisation emerges from a consideration of how we …show more content…

Westerman suggests the reason Aboriginal people have failed to benefit from mainstream social worker practices is because it exhibits colonial practices, whereby their knowledge on what is health and wellbeing is seen as superior, due to their own values and stereotypes, consequently oppressing Indigenous people understanding of their own wellbeing(Wester man, 2010). In order to become more comfortable with anti-colonial framework, social workers should become aware of colonization and its detrimental influence on the level of Indigenous health and wellbeing. .This might also encompass for the non-Aboriginals to internalize the influence of privilege in their life that comes for their cultural identity as a “white” and acknowledge that Aboriginal families will view them as part of the colonisers. Furthermore, recognising fear and uncertainty that may arise is also fundamental to a good anti-oppressive approach, as the media portrayal of Aboriginal population might lead social workers to stereotype Indigenous children and youth as being angry and violent (Westerman, 2010).By taking on this standpoint and being precautions when dealing with Indigenous youth, social workers can advocate on a policy level, and educate others about the importance of mutual engagement with anti-colonial framework as a way to minimize racism and thereafter increasing health

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