Anti Corruption Of Chinese New Government

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Deborah Zhao
Research Paper
Anti-Corruption in Chinese New Government On 15 March 2012, Chongqing Party Chief Bo Xilai was removed from his tenure on charges of bribery and abuse of authority. ()The incident of Wang Lijun brought to the politburo more evidence that Bo Xilai was undergoing briberies. On 22 September 2013, after many trials, Bo Xilai’s final destiny was to be sentenced as life imprisonment for corruption, and the estimated amount of bribery was 8 billion RMB (BBC 11/11/2013).This enormous number not only brought the attention of the inner party members but also frightened the entire Chinese nation. However, Bo Xilai is just one of the many “Big Tigers” that Xi and his increasing power were paying attention to, there are many more previously high-ranking trusted officials that have proven to be corrupt. (BBC 11/11/2013). What happened to the system? When did bribery start happening? Why isn’t anyone taking any actions for this situation? Who is responsible for the consequences? How can Xi change the current government with a better system and more trustful reputation? While the last decade has seen tremendous economic prosperity in China, it has also fostered series of widespread high-profile corruption scandals within the government. Throughout the start of the Chinese civilization, China has always been ruled by monarchy. Even till today, there is still a King-like figure who distributes orders and subordinate follows them. This is where the

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