Anti Depressants And Its Impact On Indigenous People's Health Spiraling Downhill

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If you are suffering with depression, what would you do in order to “heal” yourself? The typical Canadian would suggest going to the doctor and being prescribed anti-depressants. Canadians believe clinical medicine can heal almost anyone and anything with the proper resources and knowledge. What if we are wrong? What if participation in traditional ceremonies and healing practices is what can heal anyone or anything? There are many indications that Indigenous ways of healing are efficient and beneficial. This leads to the history of how the western society stripped them of their rights to follow these traditions, and how that may have had a great impact on Indigenous people’s health spiraling downhill. Indigenous people are strong…show more content…
Indigenous people were only ever exposed to their illnesses, and therefore discovered and followed their traditional healing ways. However, their traditional medicine practices were viewed as inferior to Europeans, frowned upon, or even banned, which lead Indigenous health to deteriorate. Modernized western medicine focuses on the illness, symptoms, and cures, compared to Indigenous medicines, which focus on the balance of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, and not specifically curing the illness, but healing from the illness and determining the causes of the illness. According to Centre for Social Justice, David Skinner, a white man says “it is our belief that because our white man’s medicine is very technical-oriented, very symptom-oriented, very drug-and surgery-oriented, that it lacks something that Native medicine has, which we desperately need but don’t practice; spiritually… in many of these things we were talking about- family violence, alcohol abuse, trauma, suicide- I believe that the Native public health nurses, Native nurses, Native doctors would have that in their approach as well- a spiritual component” (Health Care, para. 4). Indigenous people partake in various traditional healing processes which include smudging, healing circles, sweat lodge, sun dance, pipe ceremony and potlach, they also have four sacred medicines which
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