Anti Drug Abuse Act Of 1986

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In 2010, the Obama Administration passed into law The Fair Sentencing Act, which directly targeted the harshly different punishments for people caught in possession of crack versus people caught in possession of cocaine and effectively overruled the punishments of each drug outlined in the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986. Immediately, there was discussion regarding the purpose and effectiveness of this act versus the 1986 act. The Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986, although it was eagerly pursued and supported by black communities, has ultimately been accused of being indirectly, or purposefully, discriminatory towards African Americans. This law established shockingly different punishments for users of crack versus users of cocaine. As is commonly known and has been proven statistically, African Americans are more likely to consume crack than cocaine and are more likely to consume crack than any other race would. For decades since the 1986 Act, those prosecuted for possession of crack cocaine were given harsher punishments than those who were caught with cocaine. Despite minimal differences between the effectiveness and formulation of either drug, crack cocaine was prosecuted at a 100:1 ratio to cocaine. Many questioned why the gap existed, but ultimately the reasoning lied with who was consuming either drug. Crack cocaine was popular in extremely urban areas, prone to house more minorities than suburban areas. Cocaine, however, was typically a more “elitist” drug consumed and
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