Anti Dumping and Protectionism

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Part II : Protectionism Last year the rapid economic growth in China accompanied by an “open door “ policy on the part of the regime, can be viewed in Western nations as a source of major investment and trading opportunities. However, China 's size and its political complexion can also be interpreted as a potential threat. This fear of China leads to the path of protectionist atmosphere. After a introduction about protectionism, the section II will show that Anti-dumping measure is a protectionist measure. Then, section III will present some theoretical models in favor of free trade. Section IV will examine most common fears about China. Section V will sum up with the necessity of using trade as “economic development aid”. I. Introduction:…show more content…
US have opened their border only in 1900. The first 50 years of 1800 's, the European continent was under protectionism period. It is only in 1860 's that European 's countries opened their borders. This period was marked by the “abolition” of the Corn law in 1915 in UK and a agreement of free trade between UK and France. For about 30 years trade in European continent was liberalized. However this period coincides with an economic downturn. That 's why some analyst such as Bairoch (Bairoch , 1976) have seen a causality between free trade and recession. But few years after economist as Messerlin (Messerlin, 1985) have contradicted this theory. Nevertheless from 1890 's until the creation of the GATT (1947) European countries took again protectionist measures. France - with the “Meline act” for agriculture- and Germany were the leaders of the protectionist wave. During the crisis of 1920 's all the countries throughout the world adopted protectionist measures. Even the historical biggest defender of free trade, the UK adopted the “safeguarding of industry act” in 1921. In 1947, 23 countries signed the GATT. The goal of the GATT is not to found free trade but is t coordinates commercials policies in order to create more jobs and more growth. The GATT have been useful to drop import tariffs. . But dissensions between the US and the EU during the Uruguay round ( 1980 's) have showed the limits of the multilateral principle which is the key principle of GATT. In 1994, the
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