Anti Federalists Vs. Patrick Henry

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The foundation of a Nation has gone through the occupation from former Native Americans, Freedom of Religion that Pilgrims sought for. Towards the Inhabitants of the American Colonists. Fast forward after the American Revolution. Now that America has broken away from Britain, there was a new sense of freedom and opinions on how the nation must need a republic and form a republic. An upcoming group called the Federalists will clash with the anti- federalists of what must the order of government should be involved with running the country. James Madison who was a federalists and Patrick Henry an Anti-federalists had both given strong opinions on a new Proposition, of taking charge and forming a country that will run fairly and not dominating as a monarch. Many are familiar with the Bill of Rights that is a document listing the protection of every natural born citizen’s freedom. So the two will discuss their view of the constitution. Madison hoped it would in time become much more than a parchment fence against repressive actions. The protection of our constitutional rights is greatly strengthened when those rights and the responsibilities that flow from them are written not just on paper, but on the minds and hearts of the citizens. What James Madison will talk about is this matter as well as Patrick Henry who will oppose it can either convince or not convince the council into accepting the ratification as law for a checks and balances. In effect, Madison was the first in
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