Anti Globalization Protest The World Trade Organization

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In a shrinking world, the importance of understand one another grows every day. As the concept of boundaries and borders diminish, organizations are establishing themselves in more and more locations around the world in order to deliver their goods and services. These organizations are facing challenges as they bring their own cultural understanding into established cultural frameworks (Drogendijk and Slangen, 2006). The interactions of the organization’s and host-country’s culture can determine the organizations overall levels of success. Who will change? The organization or the host county? Will the organization adapt to the host-nation? By doing so, is the organization changing from what first arrived into something different.
During the past decades, the labor market consequences of international integration have been at the center debate. Anti-globalization protest the World Trade Organization-WTO, the International Monetary Fund - IMF and the World Bank meetings reveal that many people fear that they may lose their job or may be confronted with lower wages because of the threat of fiercer international competition. However, based on a 2007 WTO report globalization efforts have only increased as innovations in transportation and communications lower cost and allows new markets to be economically viable. Therefore, multinational organizations can expect additional culture friction in the future.
Greets Hofstede et al. (Hofstede, 2010) defined “culture as the…
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