Anti Gun Laws : Is It The Answer?

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In today’s society there is a huge debate between Pro-Gun and Anti-Gun supporters. The debate is whether or not the everyday law abiding citizen should continue to have the right to own a firearm. The law abiding citizen who choose to own a handgun for self-defense and with proper training can easily do so. But law abiding citizens are not the only ones who also choose to carry a firearm; criminals take advantage of this as well. The law abiding citizen follows the law every day, they go through the legal processes to purchase and conceal their weapons. Unlike criminals, they have many avenues of acquiring their weapons by stealing, robbing homes, or the black market. Unfortunately the bulk of the crimes dealing with firearms are committed with handguns; which is America’s number one problem. While the majority of the people agree that something must be done, there is no one solution for the problem. Anti-gun enthusiasts believe guns in general should be banned as to protect the population as a whole. But, the laws that are currently in place are ineffective and fail to protect the population and take away the ability to self-defend themselves from criminals who acquire handguns illegally. If you want to protect the population, banning handguns is not a productive way in today’s society and is the first of many reasons why banning handguns is ineffective. Multiple cities have implemented handgun bans in the past and as
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