Anti Immigration And Xenophobia During The United States

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When thinking of Europe, it is automatically thought of anti-immigration and xenophobia due to the numbers of immigrants from diverse parts of the world; that is with the exception of Spain. A country in the south of France with southern borders to a developing country and a strong colonizing history, Spain does not seem like a country that had just started to become an immigration country. For a country with recent immigration history, it does have a lot of migration dilemmas that test the tolerance of the nation. Spain has migrants from all over the world, mainly from its old colonies in Latin America and northern Africa. Unlike Europe, Spain has careful over the years to maintain pro-immigration, even after its terror attacks and…show more content…
The small number of migrants that went to Spain were not part of the labor force; mostly European retiree and vacationer (Cornelius, 2005: 388). Labor migrants started to arrive in Spain when the country went through an economic boom in 1985 and later joined the EU in 1986, attracting not only EU residents but also non-EU. Many of the non-EU migrants came were northern Africans (mainly Moroccans), Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia. For this new country of immigration, the number of legal immigrants increased instantly since the 1990s from 4% in 2003 to 14% in 2009 (Arango, 2014: 1). Besides an increasing immigrant population, there is also an increase of illegal immigrants due to Spain’s demand for foreign and informal labor that attracts illegal immigrants. Spain’s history with its post colonies has been becoming problematic to regulate. The increase of illegal immigrants in Spain is due to the country demand for low skilled work attracting illegals. There are two most common ways to enter illegally from Latin America or Morocco. immigrants from Latin America are permitted to visit without a visa, in many vacations the visit become a permeant stay. At the same time needing a way to control immigration more efficiently (Cornelius, 410-11) to do this immigrant coming from Bolivia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Ecuador have to obtain a visa before entering. It is understandable that Spain a wants to
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