Anti Intellectualism Research Paper

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America has grown astonishingly over the past century and since America has grown we have changed. We as people went from walking to driving, from taking the train to flying planes, from having no phones to giants iphones, but the compelling issues that we have let gone out of hand is that we have moved from home cooked meals to buying high calorie fast foods, then we’ve let our most precious resource (water) become contaminated and that has been a growing issue for the past couple of years but not much is being done about it. America as a whole has came into a generation where anti-intellectualism is at its finest. Anti-intellectualism means the dismissal of science, the arts, and humanities and their replacement by entertainment, self-righteousness,…show more content…
being filled with fast food advertisements. Can something be done about, yes it can can but no one takes the time to try something. The articles that will be focused on are “More Research Suggests that Fast Food Advertising Works on Children” by Kj Dell’Antonia, “Democrats Clinton and Sanders pounce on Flint water crisis- and each other”by Anne Gearan and Abby Phillip and “Anti-Intellectualism and the ‘Dumbing Down’ of America.”

The whole water crisis in Flint started with one man. That man’s name was Roger Smith and his company General Motors and because of him he made Flint one of the worst and most poverty struck towns to live in. Since this happened people lost their job and income has dropped. They were forced to work in ‘fast-food’ places just to get by. From an article I read a while back named “Helping and Hating the Homeless” by Peter Marin, it just reminded me that people are just what Peter was talking about. He explains that homeless were once just like the rest of us. Homeless are just considered “annoying” by most americans. Marin also talks about the lack of help that the homeless are getting. Marin points out that a society like ours just do not
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