Anti Irish, Slavery And Pro Protestantism

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I think its funny how white people think we need a “white lives matter” movement. From day one, every day has been white lives matter! As American citizens we are respected more not on our accomplishments but on the color of our skin and it’s not right. The idea that even in a murder trial, when it came down to it, the judge would not respect a non white as a witness to the court. It wasn’t even until 1990 when they were given a chance to be permanent residency, which wasn’t an easy feat either, money ultimately controlled that more than the actual application process.
I think it’s interesting how much the world fears differences. With the three readings about anti Catholicism, anti Irish, slavery and pro Protestantism, it really brings about the idea that we are so afraid of being different, that we will do until the ends of the earth to prevent it. Changing, and accepting a new culture in our environment is threatening, change is hard and a lot of people are unwilling to go about those changes. Everyone’s issue with Catholicism was due to the idea that Catholics were the enemy of the gospel, and due to the controversy of having bibles in the public school a sort of religious rivalry began. The idea that Catholics rejected the King James version of the bible, led the protestant church to believe they were against the bible entirely sparking this stupid controversy.
The threat, that Catholics disagreed with the protestants agenda can correlate with the idea that the common

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