Anti Mass By Cornelia Parker

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The piece I chose to write about is called Anti-Mass by Cornelia Parker who originated from London, created this piece in 2005. She was also raised Catholic which really gives you a sense of this sculpture. It is located at the de Young. What really made me chose this piece is because of how massive it was when I walked up to it. It seemed so intense when I looked at it and at the same time it looked so surreal. Now with this piece, you would need to walk around it at least twice to really feel how it is huge when it comes to the size, its hanging from the ceiling and continues till its only a few inches off the ground. Walking around it is when you really understand the size since its three-dimensional.
Parker chose an interesting way to hang it because each piece of wire has many pieces of wood that is threaded through the wire. She made the wires hang in a cubic structure which if you were to look on the ceiling you could see that the wire is placed into small squares that make one large square which I thought was smart to do it like that. The use of wire to suspend the burnt wood was a great idea in the sense of anti-mass. It kind of reminded me of how you view space and all the images of astronauts spinning things and floating around in a spaceship. Speaking of space, I was always interested with art and space which is why I bring it up because it’s a great combination in art because it gives it such a futuristic idea.
What surprised me was when I read the

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