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Getting To Know Mantas The Mantas Corporation, based in Virginia, along with offices in New York, the United Kingdom, and Singapore, has created powerful business intelligence solutions that help other companies determine risk, make informed decisions, improve relationships and grow their business. The people of Mantas are financial service professionals who understand the different aspects of business from compliance regulations and data distribution. As an overview, Mantas began as a business unit focusing on meeting the demands of an ever-changing global financial services industry. "In the mid-1990s, the Mantas team began work as a business unit of SRA International, Inc. Focusing from the start on meeting the needs of the…show more content…
Mantas allows its customers to fully understand their business increasing their ability to decide between which risks and opportunities they are willing to take. By making their product user friendly and the results easy to understand, Mantas has become one of the industry 's leaders for compliance regulations and analytical data distribution. The amount of information that Mantas can handle is superb. For just one independent client they are able to process over one hundred billion fields of data on any given day. In addition to their user friendly benefits, "Mantas Scenarios are already coded, tested, and ready to use, enabling customers to realize benefits much sooner than with other, more time-consuming alternatives. There is no learning stage, or fuzzy-adaptive-black box scheme to run. We code it in right from the start because we understand the business and the business user. Mantas gives financial institutions and communications service providers the ability to monitor and analyze customer, performance and transaction information across the entire organization for a complete and accurate picture of behaviors of interest. As a result, it 's now possible to detect suspect behavior early enough to mitigate risk, report and prioritize findings without manual intervention, comply with changing regulations, increase revenue by improving

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