Anti-Oppressive Practice

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AOP is viewed as a social work practice that attempts to address the structural inequalities and social divisions that is usually experienced in the social work. The ultimate aim of AOP is to provide more appropriate and sensitive services that ensure the social status is not an impediment to them enjoying the social service. AOP is egalitarian in approach and caters for personal philosophy while suppressing the negative effects of the structural weaknesses and inequalities (McGraw, n.d). It is deemed to cater for both the process and the outcome and aimed at reduction of the negative effects of hierarchy that may be experienced in the social work.
In order to achieve their goals, the social service providers who engage in AOP try to link two crucial tenets within the AOP; providing personal and individual help to people categorized as disempowered and also engaging with social movements that are connected or working together with the disempowered people. This way, the social service providers have succeeded in illuminating private problems as public problems and rousing public concern (Hick S.F., 2002).
The AOP therefore generally enables the social workers who engage in it to share social…
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