Anti Photoshop Research Paper

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The Anti Photoshop Campaign
The difference between perception and reality has never been further. Photoshop has allowed photographers to go from using their own skills to being able to rely on modern technology to do the job for them. As Photoshop has boomed, so have the statistics of eating disorders, low body image and skewed public perspectives of what the human body should look like. In recent years, many companies, organizations and individuals have made great efforts to begin an “Anti-Photoshop” campaign in order to regulate or completely eliminate the use of Photoshop in mass media. Photoshop was created in 1988 by Adobe, since then it has been used to edit and retouch pictures. What began as a computer workshop has turned
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The clothing store Modcloth recently signed off saying that they would no longer use any retouching on their photos (Forbes). American Eagle’s “Aerie” store has begun its own anti-retouching campaign in an attempt to create more realistic expectations of what girls should look like. In addition, the campaign “Brave Girls Want” has arisen. It is a movement that asks that overly edited photos not be shown and provides a pledge that may be signed with rules that go along with…show more content…
Beginning in the earliest centuries of kings being painted taller, to Lincoln having his ruddy skin being removed from his portraits, retouching has been apart of art. Yet, the new version of “retouching” has become too extreme and too mass produced to be acceptable. When “retouching” begins causing life threatening eating disorders, negative body image and distorted perceptions on the human body it stops being just “retouching”. When one photographer’s editing work has young women and men wondering where they are going wrong because they do not look like the “retouched” models, it is a problem. Photoshop has become a major issue throughout the world and most people do not even know it. It is only through publicity and the anti-Photoshop campaigns that it may come to an
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