Anti Poaching Act Essay

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The Honorable Doug Collins
U.S House of Representatives
1504 Longworth House Office Building
Washington D.C. 20515-1009

Dear Representative Collins:

H.R. 2494- Global Anti-Poaching Act interests me since I am a strong animal activist. California Representative Edward Royce introduced this bill earlier this year with hopes of getting it approved. The purpose of this bill is to support global anti-poaching efforts, strengthen the capacity of partner countries to counter wildlife trafficking, and designate major wildlife trafficking countries. I want you to vote for this bill because as an animal activist and believer in animal rights I have confidence that by getting this bill passed, the deaths of animals due to poaching and trafficking will
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In the bill it states ways in which these crimes can be stopped. The first is by hiring defense services and security forces, such as Park Rangers. By doing this, poachers have a lower chance of harming the wildlife due to the fact that they don’t want to get caught. The second solution to stopping poaching is by investing in surveillance and electronic equipment. Most poachers and traffickers attack at night, but if our security forces had night vision goggles or thermal image devices we could catch these criminals and put them behind…show more content…
For example, myths that rhino horns can cure cancer has led to a poaching frenzy in parts of Africa. Some countries, however, have recognized that this is a major problem and have begun to take action. In Indonesia, wildlife protection groups, such as the WCU (Wildlife Crime Unit), along with law enforcement have come together to decrease the amounts of poaching and trading committed. Between 2006 and 2008, the WCU generated 63 reports of illegal hunting, trading, smuggling or possession, which led 35 arrest or confiscation operations. This is proof that with proper training and funding wildlife extinction can be
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