Anti-Semitic German Propaganda

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During World War II, anti-Semitic publications circulating throughout Germany display clear evidence of pervading the minds of young German children. Julius Steicher, editor of Der Stumer and the agent responsible for many of the anti-Semitic publications (Mills), helped dramatically initiate the German resistance toward Jews early on in a child’s life. It is important to understand the severity of anti-Semitism taught to the future Nazi generation in order to maintain the National Socialist state and further it’s agenda. By examining the ideas, and publications aimed towards children that express those ideals, it is clear that the National Socialist state wanted to indoctrinate a hateful, militant agenda into young children. Ultimately, the final result was to maintain the prejudice view that the Jewish people were the inferior race, and therefore the enemy for future generations.

One of the chief ways to target young German children with Nazi propaganda was through the school systems. A German educator wrote in The National Socialist Essence of Education, that mathematics was “Aryan spiritual property, an expression of the Nordic fighting spirit, of the Nordic struggle for the supremacy in the world”(Hirsch, 119). Children were given slogans to learn and recite such as: “Judas the Jew betrayed Jesus the German to the Jews” (Mann, 90). Furthermore, by 1937, about 97% of all teachers belonged to the National Socialist Teachers Union (Mills). Established in 1929, the Union
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