Anti Semitism And The Holocaust

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Matt Gurovich
Mr. Chin
AP Euro 7th Period
Holocaust Research Paper Anti-semitism is a concept that has been around in our society for a few centuries now, and has played a significant role in the world for many of those years. Although we see anti-semitism fade and diminish, its historical symbolism will hover over society for years to come. The Holocaust, taken place in Eastern Europe, is known to be one of the largest genocides this world has ever seen, and is the gruesome platform that people relate to anti-semitism. The Holocaust was in reaction to the successes of the Jewish population and the conspiracy of Zionism. Moreover, the alliance that Nazis had established with Zionists and how they were able to collaborate in order to accomplish the alienation and extermination of European Jews. This genocide affected numerous Jewish families, leading to many fatalities and a crackdown on the discipline of all Nazi soldiers.
Anti-semitism gained its resurgence in the eighteenth century and was a concept that heavily influenced society around the globe, but primarily the European society. Anti-semitism all began in the Enlightenment period with rulers such as Frederick the Great of Prussia, and Joseph II of Austria, enforcing laws that discriminated the Jewish population. A glimpse of hope was later founded in the beginning of the 1800s, in which Western Europe had been creating reforms in favor of Jews. Specifically, in France, a “Jew-hating” nation, Judaism was declared an
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