Anti Semitism And The Holocaust

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Imagine yourself as a seven year old child, playing hide and seek in the neighborhood streets with your mischievous friends and enjoying life without a care in your mind. Where you go to school with a smile on your face excited about what the day has to bring, messing around and cracking jokes with your friends at lunch time, and later on getting picked up by your nurturing parents to go home and do homework and have some family time with your parents and siblings and finally going to bed in your warm and comfortable bed. Now imagine if all those wonderful things just disappeared and the world around you changes in one instant and turns into a fiery pit of hell, where evil men roam those streets you found refuge. All you hear is an unending sound of screaming, crying, and gunshots as mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters are forever separated not knowing where they are going. Anti-Semitism is the hatred of Jews, and it reached its pinnacle during the Holocaust. It’s known world wide as the genocide of approximately six million European Jews. Strikingly, there is a decent number of people in the world who don 't entirely believe that the Holocaust happened as it is documented by witnesses, survivors, and those tasked with rescuing those who survived, and burying those who did not. These people are known as Holocaust Revisionists; or in another term, “deniers.” Farzan 2
Holocaust revisionists do believe that the Holocaust happened; however, they do not
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