Anti Semitism And The Holocaust

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When I think of America I picture the land of the free, sanctuary for all those being hurt and oppressed, but this wasn’t always the case and just like the majority of the world during the 1930-1940’s they shunned the Jewish population. Why had a country who had been built on the principles of freedom allowed so much time to pass by silently waiting while the Jewish population was being slaughtered all over Europe. What could be the reason for doing nothing for so long, could it have been the fact that they were completely unaware of what exactly was going on in Europe during this time or did they just not care enough to do anything about it. After the war finished many German People claimed that they didn’t know what exactly was happening during this time to the Jews so if this was happening over there and they were in the dark about it as well who could possibly blame America who was thousands of miles away to know.
During the years of the holocaust a feeling of Anti-Semitism was clearly present all over the world this including the United States, this was seen in the results from different polls conducted and from the social policies at the time. These feelings of Anti-Semitism were convenient because it gave people an excuse to not do anything to help the Jews. Between 1938-1939 about 85,000 Jewish refugees entered the United States, but soon restrictions on immigration became tighter and many people found acquiring a visa to travel to the United States became a lot
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