Anti Semitism And The Nazi Party

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Section A: Plan of Investigation The purpose of this investigation is to evaluate the extent to which anti-Semitism throughout Germany contributed to Hitler’s rise to power. The main body of the investigation will focus on the tactics which were used within the Nazi party to gain support towards Hitler’s political beliefs. The formation of the Nazi party and the use of anti-Semitic propaganda will also be analyzed. Sources will be assessed in order to formulate reasoning behind the effectiveness of Hitler’s influence over the Nazi party. Journal articles and speeches from this time period will be examined according to their origin, value, purpose and limitations. These documents as well as a summary of evidence will be used to properly evaluate the investigation. Section B: Summary of Evidence Hitler’s Anti-Semitic background • In 1908 Hitler made Vienna, a place with widespread Anti-Semitism, his home. According to Hitler, his time spent in Vienna shaped his beliefs, particularly his perception of them.(Smelser) • While in Vienna prior to World War I (1914–1918), Hitler developed anti-Semitic views, most likely created by his resentment of wealthy Jewish citizens during his years of extreme poverty and impoverishment.(Altman 28) Hitler’s beliefs • Within Hitler’s beliefs, the Jews were a cause of danger to Germany and to humanity as a whole.(Smelser) • Hitler believed the Aryan race was inferior to others. The Aryan race was the strongest and therefore should be
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