Anti Semitism As A Conflict Of Religious Identity And National Identity

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For many centuries the Jewish people were scowled upon in their society and have been physically and mentally tormented. Anti-Semitism was been around for many generations, and it ranges from a conflict of religious identity and national identity. The holocaust took place 70 years ago and people claim that it was the stem of Anti-Semitism, but Anti-Semitism goes as far back as the fourth century, and ultimately helped pave the path for the Holocaust. Medieval Anti-Semitism took place during the time where the Jews lived under the dominant religion of Christianity under the Roman Empire in Europe. The Jews during this period suffered from the crusade, blood libels, and hatred from the Christians. This then transitioned into National Anti-Semitism, which took place during the Enlightenment. Many people during this time were almost “Patriotic” people believed highly in loyalty to their nation, Jews being the outsiders, who did not share many of the attributes these people had such as language or history were a targets for this National anti Semitism (modern Anti-Semitism). Thus Christian Anti-Semitism transitioned to modern Anti-Semitism: the enlightenment, Jew-hatred did not end but rather changed from religious prejudice, god and law, to peoplehood/national aspect, unity of a nation (Why The Jews? - Secular Antisemitism: The Enlightenment).

There was a period where many of the Christians fundamental beliefs were similar to Judaism, such as monotheism (Why the Jews? –
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