Anti Semitism On France Before, During And Post Dreyfus Affair

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Andrew Kordower Modern France 1870 Cynthia Bisson 11/17/14 Anti-Semitism in France Before, During and Post Dreyfus Affair The Jewish people have had a history of hatred towards them that stems from the early biblical text to modern day. The people themselves have stuck to their religious roots and have not given up on their culture or their beliefs in spite of risking violence and hatred from many cultures that they live amongst. In France especially, the history of anti-semitism stems back from the Black Plague of Europe and rose and fell depending of the emotional standing of the people of the country and different times. This paper will discuss the history of this anti-semitism in france, the historical events that caused much strife for the jewish people, and the continued subtle hatred that comes through in the country today. The biblical portrayal of the Jewish people places them in some situations where they are the hero of a story or in some cases they are made to be the victims. In the story of Noah and Jacob and his dream coat, the jewish people are made to be heroic and saviors of the men. In the case of the Exodus from Egypt, the Jews are made to look like victims of tyranny. This portrayal of Jews as victims has lead future generations to not question the position of Jews in society. If they were slaves once then it is not a far stretch to think of them as some how lower in current day society.*** During the middle ages, the anti-semitism towards jews

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